PhotoBook 2019

PhotoBook 2019

Today the topic is unusual, because it is about photography ? I present to you the most popular and my favorite Apollo photos from the past 2019.

Top 9

Let’s start with the most popular photos from 2019, which received the most hearts and comments from our instagram friends.

My favorites

As for my favorite photos, it was really hard, because each photo is unique to me. However, I managed to choose for you my top 6 pictures of Apollo.


In 2019, we added 158 posts that received over 31,300 likes! What a year it was! Thank you to all my friends for their support! ❤️

For me, each of these photos is something more, it is an enchanted moment, memory, emotion, as well as the ability to share the fluffy adventures of Apollo with the world, and that’s why I brought up all instagram photos of Apollo!

Do you support my selection of photos, or do you like the photos from the Top 9 more? Which Apollo photo is your favorite?

You can find more fluffy photos on Apollo’s Instagram ?

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