10 tricks to reduce Your cat’s carbon paw print

10 tricks to reduce Your cat’s carbon paw print

Do you want to reduce your cat’s carbon paw print? Does eco-lifestyle goes with having a cat? In this post you will learn how to take care of your cat and the environment!

I collected and wrote down all my ideas for a more ecological approach to having a pet – some tips can also be used if you have other pets, e.g. a dog or a rabbit;)

#1 Buy products from local producers

By buying products that are produced in your country, you not only support your market but also contribute to reducing emissions associated with transport. The smaller the distance the products have to travel, the lower the pollutant emissions.

Because we live in Poland, you can find many reviews of Polish products on our blog.


#2 Buy products in ecological, recyclable packaging

There are a lot of fantastic products in ecological packaging, e.g. super healthy and tasty treats Samo Mięso, which are packed in paper packaging (and are produced locally from local meat)

You can find all the ecological products tested by us in the section: Eco-friendly products.


#3 Buy reusable bags for freezing meat

If you use raw meat as treats or you feed your cat BARF diet then reusable bags may turn out to be purrrfect. Reusable bags take up less space than reusable containers, and help avoid reaching for disposable plastic bags. There are two options on the market: ziplock bags and silicone bags.

Personally, I am a big fan of bags made of silicone (without the addition of plastic), because I can wash them in the dishwasher.


#4 Buy ecological cat litter

Cats litters made of renewable raw materials (e.g. wood or corn) are usually created from production waste in the spirit of less waste. Of course, it is worth remembering the proper segregation of the cat’s waste and litter.

You can learn more about the cat litter from my post How to choose a cat litter? and all eco cat litters tested by us can be found in the section: Eco cat litters.


#5 Buy scratching posts and cat furniture made from eco-friendly materials

It is worth investing in cat furniture made of recycled materials and those that can be recycled. I will help you reduce carbon paw print.

You can find all the ecological furniture tested by us in the section: Eco furniture.


#6 Buy cat food in larger packages

Foods in large cans are much more ecological and come out cheaper per kg of food. “One-time” sachets generate a lot of plastic a day.

Are you afraid that your kitten will not eat everything from a large can at one time and the meat will get moldy or dry? Just keep them in the fridge and use silicone can covers;)


#7 Buy larger quantities of products at one time

Regardless of whether you are buying in a stationary or online store, buying more products helps to reduce emissions related to transport.

In addition, products bought in larger sets usually come out much cheaper! To reduce carbon paw print I am shopping in online stores so that the ordered products last for 1-2 months.


#8 Give up dry food completely

Usually, more impurities come from the production of dry food than in the case of wet ones, and they are sold in foil packaging.

Giving up dry food will be better not only for the health of your cat but also for the health of our planet!


#9 Invest in a cat water fountain

The exchange of water in the fountain is not as frequent as in the case of a regular bowl, which lowers water consumption significantly. In addition, cats prefer to drink water that moves, because it is consistent with their instincts.

If you want to know more about cat fountains then I encourage you to read How to choose the purrfect cat water fountain?


#10 DIY toys and scratching posts from natural materials

Hand-made DIY projects are now really fashionable and are really a lot of fun! It’s easier than you think and you can use the materials that you probably have at home now.

When it comes to toys, cats don’t really need much. You have to agree with me that nothing beats a cardboard box or piece of ribbon!

At the DIY section you could find soon a lot of cool ideas and instructions on DIY great things yourself at a low cost, and using natural materials available to everyone.


If you really care about the environment, don’t let the cat go outside alone!

Domestic cats aren’t a natural element of our ecosystem, they are responsible for the extinction of many species of animals and lead to irreversible changes in the environment. That’s right, domestic cats are dangerous pests to the environment. The species Domestic Cat (Felis catus) appears as 38 on the list of the 100 worst pests in the world according to the Global Invasive Species Database (GISD).

Do you want to give your cat some freedom and take your cat on the walk? First, you have to train your cat to wear a harness and a leash.

I go out for walks with Apollo on a leash and in harness, but not only because of environmental safety but also for the sake of the safety of his cat’s life. Do you want to see how my happy cat looks like during a walk? Check out our video: Cat walk in the atumn forest.



There are so many ways to reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint as a part of eco-lifestyle! I present you my suggestions on how to become more aware and ecological cat parent. It is up to you which one you will adapt in your life.

Remember to follow those four simple rules:

  • Buy better and smarter.
  • Pay more attention to ecological materials.
  • DIY things for your cat.
  • Invest in products from local producers.

What are your eco-lifestyle ideas and what eco-friendly products do you use? Are you going out with your cat for a walk in harness and on a leash?

“Whatever you do, use common sense, be responsible and remember that there is no planet B.”

Apollo & Joanna


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