Feringa Pure Meat Menu

Feringa Pure Meat Menu

My cat Apollo once loved Feringa Classic Meat Menu, but when its composition got worse, we started looking for alternatives. A few months ago a new mono-protein Feringa Pure Meat Menu appeared on the market.

Will the new Feringa meet the challenge? We tried with Apollo “Mixed Pack: 6 Varieties” (6 x 400 g) to find the answer to this question.

Do you know Feringa?

Feringa is Zooplus’s brand produced in a small family plant where the canned cat food is made of “human grade” meat. Feringa Pure Meat Menu is grain-free and a single source of protein.

Available varieties:

  • Chicken with Pumpkin & Catnip
  • Rabbit with Parsnips & Catnip
  • Lamb with Potato & Cat Thyme
  • Salmon with Potato & Parsley
  • Duck with Cottage Cheese & Valerian
  • Veal with Broccoli & Dandelion


Composition and macronutrients analysis

Veal with Broccoli & Dandelion:

Ingredients: 97.8% veal (40% meat, 20% hearts, 20% liver, 10% lungs), 1.75% broccoli, 0.25% dandelion, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Additives per kg: Vitamin D3 (300 IU), vitamin E (60 IU), zinc [as zinc sulphate monohydrate] (34mg), manganese [as manganous sulphate monoydrate] (2mg), copper [as cupric sulphate pentahydrate] (2mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.45mg), taurine (700mg), selenium (0.1mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 10.8 %
fat 7.0 %
fibre 0.3 %
ash 1.9 %
moisture 79.0 %
Analytical components in dry part of food Reference values Actual values
Protein 45 – 55%51,42%
Fat 22 – 35%33,33%
Carbohydrates max 5%4,76%

Each variety differs from each other in its analytical composition and it is quite significant:

Protein (%) Fat (%) Carbohydrates (%)
Reference values 45 – 5522 – 35max 5
Chicken with Pumpkin & Catnip55.6729.384.12
Rabbit with Parsnips & Catnip54.1420.4816.09
Lamb with Potato & Cat Thyme5027.7710.18
Salmon with Potato & Parsley47.739.442.75
Duck with Cottage Cheese & Valer46.3340.822.75



My cat’s opinion

It wasn’t a surprise that Apollo loved veal and chicken the most because those are his favorite flavors. However, I was surprised because Apollo approved salmon and he usually doesn’t like fish flavors. The duck came out poorest because Apollo didn’t want to try it at all.


My opinion


  • single source of protein, ideal for allergy sufferers
  • large selection of flavors
  • grain and soy free
  • has a pleasant smell


  • low taurine content – only 700 mg/kg
  • too many carbohydrates in rabbit and lamb

Unfortunately it has too low taurine level and high carbohydrate levels what disqualify this food as a complete food. Anyway we will reach for veal and salmon as a diversifying addition.

FTC: All reviews on our blog will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Apollo’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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