5 Tips for getting a picky cat to eat

5 Tips for getting a picky cat to eat

Is your cat a fussy eater and you do not know how to deal with it? There may be many reasons for your cat’s lack of appetite, but the problem usually won’t solve itself. I am happy to advise you on how to encourage your fussy cat to eat a meal.

Tip #1 The right bowl

Cats do not like food and drink from bowls in which their whiskers touch the edges of the bowl. Put food for your cat to eat on shallow bowls or plates.

You can find out more about choosing the right bowl in How to choose best bowl for your cat?

Tip #2 Play and exercise

Cats are small predators, and what else is playing with a cat than a substitute for hunting? After playing “hunting” your cat will eat more willingly and generally eat more.

Tip #3 A diversified diet

Provide your cat with plenty of food options. This will not only improve your cat’s appetite, but also prevent food allergies. For more information regarding diet diversity, see 5 tricks to diversify your cat diet.

You should not change your cat’s diet overnight. Remember to make the changes gradually.

Tip #4 The right temperature

Many cats do not like cold meals, so the cat’s food should be slightly warm, but not hot. If you serve food from a pouches or can, you can wait until they reach room temperature or put the packaging in warm water for a minute.

Do not heat cat food in the microwave because it reduces the moisture of the food.

To prevent possible burns on your cat, always check the food temperature before serving it to your cat.

Tip #5 Make it attractive

The smell and taste of food is important for a cat. You can sprinkle your cat’s food on crumbled dried meat or crumble your cat’s favorite treats and sprinkle them on food.

Is your cat fussy for real?

Remember, if your cat doesn’t eat, it’s not necessary means that cat is a picky eater. Not eating, even for a day or two, is a big red flag and requires a visit in the veterinary clinic.

Permanent access to food?

No way! Constant access to the food lying in the bowl is just a “grazing” and have nothing to do with cat’s nature. The cat’s digestive system is adapted to eat several small meals a day, optimally at 5-6 hour intervals. I suggest serving 2-4 meals a day – I usually feed Apollo after having fun, i.e. in the morning, after returning from work and in the evening.


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