Review: Designer scratcher from Misspaper

Misspaper cat furnitures are ecological products and are made by Polish artist. One of their product is the multifunctional Wąsy Wiszące. We have tested it and are ready to share our opinion.

Few words about Misspaper

Misspaper is a Polish designer, who has a great collection of furniture for cats, all created in a minimalist eco style. From the sofa, through the mustache and the dresser, to the colorful dog-shaped scratcher. Each of the projects is original and above all eco-friendly!

First impression


You can watch unboxing, assembling and our first cat-tests of this designer scratcher from Misspaper on our YouTube:


Misspaper cat furnitures are made of cardboard. Really! As a person who cares about our planet, I am proud to declare that cardboard furniture is completely ecological because of the recycled paper.



In the unoxing video you can see with your own eyes how the inquisitive Apollo shyly acquaints himself with the Mustache and after a while, full of confidence, he will settle on the Mustache. From now on, they are almost inseparable, because Apollo hangs out on a mustache most of the day (and night), which you can see in InstaStories all the time. Is he comfortable? I think this photo will answer this question:


Apollo had never shown interest in cardboard scratchers before, so at the beginning, I was quite skeptical about this functionality, but now all of my doubts are gone. For the first time, I saw Apollo enjoying the pleasure of scratching half-sleepy with his eyes closed! This is a symbol of true comfort and cat laziness!


Misspaper cat furnitures design is minimalist – not only in the appearance of the furniture but also in the form of easy assembly, which in our case lasted less than 5 minutes (and you can see the report on it on our YouTube). Two mounting pins and two wall plugs included with the shelf are just about everything you need to install the shelf. (A drill that is necessary for assembly but is not part of the kit.)

You can easily lift the Wąsy with one hand (well, unless Apollo is sitting on them, then you can not do without a little support from the other hand).

My opinion about Wąsy Wiszące

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture so beautiful that it was hard to believe that it is a piece of furniture designed for cats? I did! When I came across the Wąsy Wiszące (Hanging Mustache) from Misspaper – I thought “It is perfect for my fluffy gentleman!” and this way, the wonderful scratcher became Apollo’s first designer furniture.

Misspaper cat furnitures design is inspirational, thoughtful and simply magical. Until the very end, we couldn’t decide where to put designer scratcher from Misspaper because it would look delightful in each room. The choice fell on the sunlit wall in the bedroom above the bed – and it was a good decision because now Apollo can sunbath and nap all day on our Wąsy Wiszące.

The undeniable advantages are the original design, multifunctionality and a positive impact on the natural environment. In addition to ecological aspects, it is worth mentioning that the cardboard is very pleasant to the touch – almost plush.

The mustache has added a unique atmosphere to our bedroom and will certainly be strongly remembered by everyone who visits our small apartment.

Therefore, I recommend both versions of Wąsy and other Misspaper cardboard pieces of furniture, regardless of whether you are fans of minimalism, eco-design or just want to please your cat.


You can find Wąsy Wiszące on the Misspaper website for 300 PLN or 60 USD) (plus shipping costs). If you have fallen in love with this design, but you are not convinced to hang the cat scratcher on the wall, then the Wąsy Leżące (Lying Mustache) (also 300 PLN).


What do You think?

I would love to see your thought, suggestions and questions in the comments below!


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