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Apollo Fluffy Cat is a bilingual blog about cats and eco-friendly living where you can find information about mindful and sustainable cat care, healthy feline nutrition, as well as reviews and tests of products for cats and cat parents.

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Joanna “Jori”

Blogger, Illustrator and Photographer

Hi, I’m Joanna. I love animals and nature. I grew up in a cozy town surrounded by a national park, I can’t help but want to live a greener life. Currently, I live in Warsaw with my extra fluffy cats, who inspire me to be more mindful.

I am constantly learning about animal dietetics, behaviorism, and cat grooming. On the blog about cats and ecology and on our social media, I share my experiences with you to help you understand your cat, introduce you to healthy and eco-friendly products worth your attention as well as help in developing good nutrition habits.

Apollo “Fluffy”

CEO, Editor in Chief and Cat Model

Meow! I mean… Hi! I’m Apollo – an extra fluffy British Longhair cat, a huge enthusiast of boxes and unboxing, as well as a foodie! I am a real gentleman, always curious and a bit shy.

When it comes to my responsibilities, I have a lot on my paws. I oversee the creation of all articles and social media content to make sure it’s purrfect. I am full blown cat-meowdoel and from time to time I test new pet products such as treats, beds, fountains and other accessories and give my honest paws-up or paws-down revies. Don’t forget I’m also the star of our unboxing videos!

Calliope “Calli”

Intern Cat Model and Product Testing Assistant

Meow there! I’m Calliope – golden British Longhair cat and the newest addition to the Apollo Fluffy Cat team! I am a curious and playful kitten who loves to explore my surroundings and learn new things.

As an intern, my duties include assisting Apollo in his daily activities to learn how to become a full-blown cat model and product tester as him. I’m always ready to lend a paw in unboxing and testing new and exciting products, as well as helping to record videos. I may be young, but I’m eager to learn and excited to be a part of this fluffy team!


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