Natural litter Super Benek Corn Cat

Natural litter Super Benek Corn Cat

Testing ecological products on our blog is endless! This time we have prepared for you a review of Super Benek Corn Cat plant-based cat litter.

Do you know the Super Benek brand?

Super Benek is a Polish brand known for its wide range of cat litter. Their offer includes biodegradable, bentonite and silicate litter.

Super Benek Corn Cat

The litter is biodegradable and packed in ecological paper bags instead of plastic bags, thanks to which we limit the amount of garbage produced by us.

The Super Benek Corn Cat plant-based cat litter is available in several fragrances and sizes:

  • Natural (7, 14 and 25 liters)
  • Fresh Grass (7 and 25 liters)
  • Sea Breeze (7 and 25 liters)
  • Golden (7 and 25 liters)


Test results

We have tried 7-liter bag Super Benek Corn Cat Natural and I looked carefully at all its properties: clumping, absorbency, smell, dusting, spreading around the house and performance.

Clumping and absorbency

  • clumps very well
  • absorbs moisture well


  • natural and pronounced
  • very well copes with the absorption of unpleasant odors in the litter box

Dusting and spreading around the house

  • dust when pouring into the litter box
  • doesn’t spread around the apartment

(7 liters of litter for one cat)

  • up to 16 days



The manufacturer provides the possibility of throwing used litter into the toilet but also suggests that first of all, you should comply with local laws.



My cat’s opinion

I always say that when it comes to cat litter, the first and last word always has a cat. What is my cat’s opinion about Super Benek Corn Cat Natural?

Once I poured the gravel into the litter box and turned around for a moment, Apollo jumped on the freshly poured gravel without hesitation and “tested it” as it should be. Such quick acceptance of new gravel by my downy cat means that the gravel appealed to him.


In my opinion

The litter is quite efficient, perfectly absorbs moisture and unpleasant smell and clumps very well creating hard and compact balls (which don’t fall apart). Contrary to my guess, the litter didn’t spread around the apartment at all. It’s every attempt to leave the litter box ended on a rug in front of the litter box. The only drawback I was able to find is the fact that the litter dusts a bit when pouring into the litter box.

For me, the huge advantage of this product is its ecological aspect. Cat litter Super Benek Corn Cat Natural is a biodegradable litter that does not contain chemical additives and is made of natural, plant ingredients. I also get a big plus from me for ecological paper packaging! The use of this litter was a real pleasure and I can say that the Super Benek Corn Cat litter met all my expectations for the cat litter.

FTC: I received this product for free, but this does not affect the review at all. All reviews on our blog will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, my cat Apollo’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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