Review: Cat scratcher HENRY from Kotpak

Scratcher HENRY is an ecological and stylish piece of furniture from the Polish producer Kotpak. We have tested it and are ready to share our opinion.

Few words about Kotpak

Kotpak is a Polish company that has been producing cardboard products for years. Inspired by their cat favorites, they decided to use their previous experience and created cardboard cat scratchers. In my opinion, this idea turned out to be a bull’s-eye, because their scratchers have not only a modern and original design but are also 100% ecological.

First Impression


You can watch unboxing of scratcher HENRY and our first cat-tests on our YouTube:

Eco friendly

It can be seen at first glance that Kotpak really cares about the environment. During unboxing, I noticed that the package is filled with eco-friendly filler. This was just the beginning! The entire scratcher HENRY is biodegradable!

I am really happy with the eco-friendliness and naturalness of the scratcher because furniture like this is contributing to the growing ecological awareness.

Eco-friendly box filler



The “HENRY” is hand-made from durable 5-layer corrugated cardboard and consists of several dozen cardboard elements combined with natural wooden elements.


HENRY is a beautiful and comfortable couch. Apollo o stretch on it as he watches the birds outside the window. Sometimes I put a scratching post on a chest of drawers next to the aquarium, and then Apollo watches undersea tales on “Cat TV”.


Of course, Apollo not only lounge on the couch but also can fulfill his scratching desires. I noticed that he most willingly scratches the “armrests” of the sofa, and the seat scratches when dragged.

My opinion about scratcher HENRY

This ecological piece of furniture is very versatile. It works well not only as a scratcher or cat couch but also as a unique decoration. This furniture is unique. From the beginning, I knew that it wouldn’t be just a simple addition to our living room. “HENRY” is simply a royal piece of furniture, very elegant and impressive. You have to admit that Apollo looks like a real king on his throne.

I am glad that Polish producers of cat products place an increasing emphasis on creating products that are not only beautiful and functional but also, but also eco-friendly. “HENRY” is a perfect example of that kind of product.


If you are thinking about getting a gift for your cat, you can find “Drapak HENRY” on the Kotpak website for PLN 170 (around 45 USD).


What do You think?

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