Bentonite cat litter Canadian Cat

Bentonite cat litter Canadian Cat

Until noUntil now, I have only written on the blog about plant litter, but I know that many of you use other types of cat litter. That is why I prepared for you a review of Canadian Cat – bentonite cat litter.

Do you know Canadian Cat?

Canadian Cat litter is produced by a Polish producer who is known primarily for his brand Super Benek. Why is Canadian Cat litter so special? The absorbency test, in accordance with DIN 18132, showed a liquid absorption of up to 450%, all thanks to the use of double cat litter activation technology.

The cat litter we tested is available in 10 liter packs and in three fragrance variants:

  • Natural
  • Lavender
  • Baby powder

Test results

For testing, we received Canadian Cat litter with a lavender scent, because it is one of the few cat litter smells that is accepted by my cat Apollo. As part of the tests, I looked at him thoroughly for absorbency, clumping, smell, dusting, home-spreading and capacity.

Clumping and absorbency

  • very well clumping
  • perfectly absorbs moisture


  • very good at absorbing odors
  • palpable but delicate fragrance

Dusting and spreading around the house

  • moderate dust when pouring into the litter box
  • moderately spreads around the apartment

10 liters per one cat

  • enough for 10 weeks



TThe manufacturer suggests that you do not throw gravel into the toilet. I support his suggestion because it is worth knowing that bentonite gravel is highly hygroscopic.

If you want to know more about ecological and legal methods of utilizing all types of cat litter, then check out my article
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which was created in cooperation with tens of specialists in the fields of environment, sewage, utilization and waste management.



My cat’s opinion

The cat must decide for itself which litter suits him best because in the end, he will use it.

Apollo really enjoyed using Canadian Cat litter with a lavender scent for 10 weeks. Bentonite cat litter was not a complete novelty for him, because already as a kitten he used pebbles.

My opinion

Cat litter has very fine and regular granulation, so it is gentle on the cat’s paws. After wetting, it forms compact, non-crumbling balls that can be easily removed with a spatula and thrown into the bin almost immediately.
But super absorbency is not the only advantage of Canadian Cat litter. It actually lasted for 10 weeks (7kg for 1 cat).

The litter dusted slightly when pouring, and sometimes several individual gravels left the litter box on Apollo’s fluffy paws, but most often they stayed on the rug in front of the litter box.

In summary, all the manufacturer’s promises have come true. The litter is really super absorbent and extremely efficient, and I was really happy with it.

FTC: I received this product for free, but this does not affect the review at all. All reviews on our blog will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, my cat Apollo’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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