How to choose the purrfect cat water fountain?

How to choose the purrfect cat water fountain?

Do you think that you have no chance to convince your cat to drink water from his bowl?

In this case, it is worth replacing a bowl with a fountain for the cat. In this post you will learn what to consider when choosing a fountain for your cat.

Why your cat need a water fountain?

Our cats, although domesticated, are hunters. Moving water is more attractive and interesting for your cat. The cat’s instinct may tell him that standing water is not safe to drink, e.g. due to possible water contamination.

Cats prefer to drink water that moves, e.g. from a tap, or dip their feet in the water to set it in motion. If we weld that the water starts to move (e.g. with a fountain), the cat will be more interested in drinking.

5 tips for picking the right water fountain

Tip #1 The right material

Plastics are light but very susceptible to scratches and hard to clean. Dirt and bacteria that accumulate in the scratches can cause cat acne. The steel is easy to clean but can affect the taste of water.

The best choice is ceramics. Why? Ceramic fountains are very easy to clean and therefore do not accumulate bacteria. It is also much heavier than other materials, so it’s difficult to tip over or move the fountain.

Tip #2 The quiet pump

By far the most common problem with cat fountains is that the pump is too loud. It can disturb not only cats, but also people.

Before buying a fountain, look for videos where you can listen to the fountain’s work, e.g. just like in my YouTube video with the Miaustore ceramic fountain.

Tip #3 Variety of heights

The multi-level and depth of the fountain is especially important. If you have small kittens who may have trouble reaching deeper or aging cats having difficulty tilting.

Tip #4 Large water capacity

The size of the tank affects the amount of water that can be poured into the fountain. The larger the size of the tank, the less often we need to replenish and replace water.

Tip #5 – Ease of cleaning

Important components of this category are the simplicity of disassembly and assembly. The material that is affecting the possibility of washing cat fountain in the dishwasher.

What we use?

My adventure with cat fountains began some time ago and we tried many different fountains available on the Polish market. We are currently using the Miaustore fountain, which you can read about in the Miaustore ceramic cat water fountain review.

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