How to choose the purrfect cat water fountain?

How to choose the purrfect cat water fountain?

Do you think that you have no chance to convince your cat to drink water from his bowl? In this case, it is worth replacing a bowl with a fountain for the cat. In this post you will learn what to consider when choosing a fountain for your cat. I will use our Miaustore cat water fountain as an example and share with you my opinions about it.

Why your cat need a water fountain?

Our cats, although domesticated, are hunters. Moving water is more attractive and interesting for your cat. The cat’s instinct may tell him that standing water is not safe to drink, e.g. due to possible water contamination. Cats prefer to drink water that moves, e.g. from a tap. or a water fountain.

Miaustore cat fountain

I started my adventure with cat fountains some time ago, trying various watering systems available on the market. That is why I wondered for a long time how Apollo would react to the ceramic Miaustore fountain.

I regret that I waited so long because the fountain turned out to be ameowzing. Apollo currently drinks only from the fountain (previously he was using the previous water fountain and bowl).

But let’s start from the beginning…


Was the fountain well packed, is the pomp quiet, and what was Apollo’s response to the new fountain? Check out our video with full coverage of unboxing and our first cat-tests of the Miaustore fountain on our YouTube:


5 tips for picking the right water fountain

Tip #1 The right material

Plastics are light but very susceptible to scratches and hard to clean. Dirt and bacteria that accumulate in the scratches can cause cat acne.

The steel is easy to clean but can affect the taste of water.

The best choice is ceramics. Why? Ceramic fountains are very easy to clean and therefore do not accumulate bacteria. The ceramic elements of the Miaustore fountain can be washed in a dishwasher. It is also much heavier than other materials, so it’s difficult to tip over or move the fountain.

Tip #2 The quiet pump

By far the most common problem with cat fountains is that the pump is too loud. The Miaustore fountain uses a silent water pumping system. Fountain is extremely quiet even when the water level is low. and in addition the pump was placed in the highest tower surrounded by sound absorbing ceramics. In our unboxing video you can hear how quiet this fountain is compared to a classic fountain.

Tip #3 Lots of drinking space

Each cat has different tastes, so diversity is very important. For example, the Miaustore ceramic cat fountain offers 8 different zones with water included:

  • 3 small waterfalls,
  • 3 surfaces with flowing and moving water,
  • small water geyser/spring,
  • calm water surface.

This is evry imaginable way in which water occurs in nature.

Tip #4 Large water capacity and a variety of heights

The size of the tank affects the amount of water that can be poured into the fountain. The larger the size of the tank, the less often we need to replenish and replace water. The multi-level and depth of the fountain is especially important. If you have small kittens who may have trouble reaching deeper or aging cats having difficulty tilting.

Cats have up to 4 different levels in the Miaustore fountain and can be used by cats of all ages. The fountain has a fairly large capacity (up to 3.4 liters). The water must be changed (as provided by the manufacturer) – 3 times a month. I personally change the water and clean our fountain once a week.

Tip #5 – Ease of cleaning

Important components of this category are the simplicity of disassembly and assembly and the material that is affecting the possibility of washing cat fountain in the dishwasher.

The Miaustore fountain is really simple to assembly and disassembly while being secure against accidental overturning by the kitten. To disassemble the fountain, simply pull the turrets upwards slightly tilting them. Assembling is also very simple, check out my unboxing video to see how I did it for the first time.

It is possible to wash all the ceramic elements in the dishwasher.

Conclusions about the Miaustore fountain

Do i recommend it? Of course! The Miaustore cat fountain is truly fantastic – from both a human and cat’s point of view. I analyzed all the pros and cons of the fountain in both cat and human terms.

Is the price really that high? At first glance, it may seem so. I calcualte the cost of using the fountain with its low power consumption. It turns out that the toal cost is really attractive, especially when compared to other ceramic fountains available on the market.

Advantages for your cat

  • The movement of water motivates the cat to drink.
  • As many as 8 different zones from which a cat can drink water.
  • Can be used by cats of all ages.
  • It can be fun – Apollo loves to play with the water gayzer/spring.

Advantages for you

  • It can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • It is very quiet (even when the water level drops significantly).
  • Large water capacity (3.4 liters).
  • Eco-friendly low energy consumption.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly.
  • The Miaustore fountain looks great and it is available in many color options, so it can be match to the color scheme of your apartment.


I must admit that it was hard for me to find any flaw. The only drawback that comes to my mind is the fact that ceramics can break if we drop it.


You can buy the fountain at a price of 56 € on the Miaustore website Shipping is possible to different countries, for example, delivery in Poland takes 3 to 7 business days. Miaustore also offers accessories matched to the fountain: a container for grass, a bowl, a motion sensor and a silicone fountain mat.

If you are still hesitating whether the Miaustore sceramic fountain will work for you and your cat, it is worth mentioning that there is one-year warranty. If your cat doesn’t want to drink from the fountain, you can send it back and receive a full refund.


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