Review: FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter

Curious about FreshClaw tofu cat litter? 🌱 Here I share real test results and insights about this tofu-based cat litter – no fluff, just facts! Discover how this litter performs for our cats and the environment with me. 🐾

FreshClaw brand in a nutshell

FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat

FreshClaw brand is all about crafting eco-friendly cat litter that considers the well-being of both our furry friends and the planet. As a well-regarded sub-brand of PETNF, FreshClaw sets itself in the world of cat care by its dedication to ecological responsibility.

FreshClaw tofu cat litter

FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat

FreshClaw is a natural tofu litter made from renewable plant-based materials. This cat litter is designed to offer great performance while minimizing its environmental impact. This summer I had the opportunity to test out FreshClaw and I am going to share my experience with you.

Where can You get it?

There are a few options. You can opt for the subscription model directly from the FreshClaw website. Alternatively, if you’re more of a one-time purchase enthusiast, you can spot it on Amazon under the brand name PETNF.

My first impressions

FreshClaw tofu cat litter is eco-friendly

FreshClaw tofu cat litter is crafted from biodegradable and renewable materials, a blend of pea powder and corn meal. In comparison, silicate and mineral litters are not renewable, requires mining and requires energy-intensive production.

Granulation of FreshClaw tofu cat litter

FreshClaw litter features a fine granulation that is gentle on your cat’s paws, offering optimal comfort during bathroom visits. The fine texture also aids in effective clumping and easy scooping, ensuring hassle-free litter box maintenance. Cats of all ages, including kittens and senior cats, will appreciate the soft and cozy feel of this kind of granulation.

FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat


Product test results

I tested FreshClam tofu cat litter for absorbency, clumping, smell, dusting, spreading and efficiency properties. I put the cat litter into one litter box, which was used by one cat and I am using litter mat.

Clumping and absorbency

  • very well clumping
  • perfectly absorbs moisture


Smell and odor absorbency

  • very good at absorbing odors


Dusting and spreading around the house

  • minimal dust during pouring and scooping
  • minimal spreading around the litter box (not further than litter mat)



  • 1 bag of litter (6 liters) used by one cat lasts for about 4 weeks of use!


FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat


Is FreshClaw tofu cat litter realy flushable?

FreshClaw claims to be flushable and could be suitable for well-maintained septic systems. I’d strongly advise checking your local regulations before considering this option. I’ve covered this topic in more detail in my article here:

sposoby utylizacji żwirku dla kotów

Cat litters should be disposed of in accordance with applicable law:
Don’t forget to check out what the law of your country says about this! If you want to know more about ecological and legal methods of utilizing all types of cat litter in Poland, then check out my article:
Eco-friendly ways to dispose of any kind of cat litter.

My opinion about FreshClaw tofu cat litter

I’m constantly seeking products that prioritize both our cats’ happiness and the well-being of our planet. That’s why I was thrilled to dive into testing the FreshClaw tofu cat litter.

What stood out immediately was FreshClaw’s remarkable clumping ability. Upon contact with moisture, the litter formed tight, solid clumps, making scooping effortless and resulted in a 5/5 paws rating in my tests. At the end of the litter tests, my evaluation leaderboard was took over by efficiency. This litter lasted significantly longer than other cat litters I’ve tried! A single 6 kg bag equals about 4 weeks of use for a single cat. This not only saves money but also reduces the frequency of litter box changes.

FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat

The natural odor-neutralizing properties deserve applause for effectively managing day-to-day smells. Also consistent maintenance were key to ensuring optimal odor control in litter box. Litter spreading was well managed, with moderately sized particles mostly staying within the litter box. The strategic placement of a litter mat by litter box further contained any potential litter traveling.

While I appreciate FreshClaw’s overall effectiveness, I did observe minimal dust during pouring and scooping. Additionally, I hope the brand explores more sustainable packaging alternatives, like paper bags, to better align with their eco-conscious focus.

To sum up my experience: FreshClaw tofu cat litter efficiency, odor control capabilities, nice clumping and acceptance by my cat position it as a top choice for me. So, is FreshClaw worth considering? Absolutely! It’s a dependable, enduring, and ecologically responsible choice for cat owners seeking an effective and eco-friendly litter option.

My cat’s opinion

FreshClaw Tofu Cat Litter - test and review by Apollo Fluffy Cat

When introducing a new litter, I’ve learned to take it slow, allowing cats to adjust comfortably. Apollo had prior experience with plant-based litters, so switching to FreshClaw’s tofu litter was a natural transition. For the last few weeks I have watched my cat use this litter confidently and carelessly every day.


What do You think?

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