My Little Friandise – Chicken fillet in 3 flavors

My Little Friandise – Chicken fillet in 3 flavors

Apollo loves chicken, so when I came across My Little Friandise treats from Portica with steamed chicken during the last Dog & Cat Day event, I had to buy them. We tried chicken treats in three different flavors. Are you interested in my and Apollo’s opinion (his opinion on the treats is the most important)?

First impression


My Little Friandise packaging is eye-catching, aesthetic and colorful – each flavor variant in a different color.

On the back of each package you can see the eco symbol “Green point”, the presence of which indicates that the producer is involved in the packaging recovery and recycling system in his country.



Each package of delicacy contains 30 g of vacuum-packed chicken fillet. In addition to 3 chicken options, My Little Friandise also offers 3 fish options – which I may also try someday;)

Options of treats we’ve tried:

  • Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken with smoked fish

Treats smell delicate and natural, and are very soft. The fillets do not contain salt, gluten or dyes. It’s simply fresh, hand-cut and steamed chicken fillets.

The producer recommends that after opening the package, store uneaten meat in the refrigerator, but not longer than 24 hours. They are served at room temperature and not heated in the microwave.


Composition and macronutrients

My Little Friandise Poulet grillé – Grilled Chicken

Composition: Boneless chicken meat (100%)

Analytical components

Protein brutto31,74 %
Fats brutto1,45 %
Fiber0,08 %
Ash brutto1,28 %
Moisture65,69 %
Calories140 Kcal/100g


My Little Friandise Poulet et poisson fumé – Chicken with smoked fish

Ingredients: Boneless chicken meat (96.77%), Smoked tuna flakes (0.32%), Tuna extract (0.32%)

Analytical components

Protein brutto31,32 %
Fats brutto0,97 %
Fiber0,14 %
Ash brutto1,14 %
Moisture 66,73 %
Calories134 Kcal/100g


My Little Friandise Poulet – Chicken

Composition: Boneless chicken meat (96.77%), Tuna extract (0.32%), Fructo-oligosaccharides *, Additives: cellulose carboxymethyl ** 300 mg / kg

Analytical components

Protein robrutto29,48 %
Fats brutto1,09 %
Fiber0.11 %
Ash brutto1.12 %
Moisture68.06 %
Calories127,7 Kcal/100g

*Fructo-oligosaccharides have a prebiotic effect, improve digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients. ** Cellulose carboxymethyl is a thickener.



Cat’s opinion

It was love at first sight! Apollo snuggled into all the packs, and even one sachet even snatched 😉 I have not seen such excitement in him for a long time.

And did it taste good? When I put the treat on the plate, it was eaten in a few seconds and the plate licked dry empty. Chicken with smoked fish wes his favorites one.

My opinion

My Little Friandise treats look very appetizing. Honestly, if I did not know that this is a product for cats – I would eat it myself 🙂

First of all, I think that the treats will be perfect as a variety to your kitten’s diet. If you are interested in other ways to diversify your cat’s diet, check out 5 trics to diversyfy cat’s diet.

Are those treats worth the price? The cost of one chicken filet is around 2,5 USD. I think that the price corresponds to the quality of delicacies pretty well.

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