Upcykling: How to make cat toys out of wine corks

You don’t have to buy expensive cat toys, because your cat will love these easy homemade cat toys made from materials that you already have at home! All you need is a couple of wine corks, a few feathers or threads! These DIY cat toys are fantastic for your cat and for the environment too!

I have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to make these eco-friendly cat toys out of wine corks. It’s really effortless!

What is upcycling?

Before you start, I would like to briefly explain what upcycling is and how it differs from recycling.


In upcycling, we use waste and create something new from it – we give it new life (e.g. handmade garden furniture from pallets).


Recycling involves the mechanical or chemical recovery of raw materials from waste, which can later be used to produce new products (e.g., newspapers recover cellulose fibers that are used to make toilet paper).


Bill of Materials

All you need to make these toys:

  • Wine corks,
  • Scissors,
  • Strong glue,
  • Ornaments e.g. feathers, wool, mulina, jute etc.



You don’t know what decorations to choose? Here you can find two versions of toys and the materials from which I made them.

Natural version

Tip: You can use the feathers that you found in the yard (after disinfecting them).




Colorful version

Tip: You can use colored feathers that have fallen off from your cat’s other toys.




Step by step instructions

The process of creating these cat toys is very simple, but requires the use of sharp scisors and hot water. If you are a minor, ask an adult for help.

Step 1: Soak

Start by soaking corks in hot water until they are soft. If they are very hard, try boiling them for a few minutes.


Step 2: Holes

After removing from the water, use scissors and drill holes in one or two ends of the cork – turn the scissors like a screwdriver.

After drilling the holes, set aside the corks until completely cool and dry.


Step 3: Feathers

Gather the feathers and other decorations together and twist them at the base so that they form a thin skewer.


Step 4: Glue

Pour some glue into the hole in the cork and insert the decorations prepared in the previous step.


Step 5: Time

Set the toy aside until the glue has completely solidified.

Ready! It was pleasant and simple, right?

Self-made toys have something special in them, and they are one of a kind! It depends only on you and your imagination what the final product will look like. More instructions for cat toys can be found in the DIY section of our blog.

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What do You think?

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    1. Thank you for your benevolent words. I put a lot of effort into creating intelligible and educational content for my website. I am committed to teaching others how to be a good cat parent, because I would love to see that their lives and their cats’ lives improve 🙂

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