Upcykling: How to make cat wand toy with exchangeable pendants for cheap

You don’t have to buy expensive cat toys, because you can make them yourself from materials that you already have at home! All you need is a piece of string and a stick so that you can make a fantastic wand for your kitten yourself, and serve the environment!

I have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to make cat wand toy with exchangeable pendants. It’s really not that difficult!

What is upcycling?

Before you start, I would like to briefly explain what upcycling is and how it differs from recycling.


In upcycling, we use waste and create something new from it – we give it new life (e.g. handmade garden furniture from pallets).


Recycling involves the mechanical or chemical recovery of raw materials from waste, which can later be used to produce new products (e.g., newspapers recover cellulose fibers that are used to make toilet paper).


Bill of Materials

All you need to make cat wand:

  • Stick (the best would be bamboo),
  • Scissors,
  • Twine (or wool or ribbon)
  • Pendant (e.g. your cat’s favorite toy),
  • Strong glue.


You will be able to attach to your wand whatever you like, e.g. your cat’s favorite toy, feathers or cat hangers that you can buy in the store. There is only one rule: the pendant should be light.

Here are my three pendant suggestions:


Step by step instruction

The process of creating how to make cat wand toy is very simple, but requires the use of sharp scissors. If you are a minor, ask an adult for help.

Step 1 – The handle

  1. Take a string and tie a knot on the tip of the rod.
  2. Make a drop of glue next to the knot to strengthen it.
  3. Spin the stick with a string so that the twisted area is slightly larger than the width of your hand (so that it is more comfortable to hold the rod.)
  4. Tie a knot and cut the excess string.
  5. Make a drop of glue next to the knot to strengthen it.


KroStep 2 – “Fishing Line”

Option A: Fast and super easy

It allows you to quickly create a toy – a method for everyone.

  1. Tie approximately 1 meter of string at the other end of the rod.
  2. Cut off the excess string.
  3. Make a drop of glue next to the knot to strengthen it.

Option B: Solid but a bit complicated

This option requires a little more time and work than option A, but it allows you to create a really solid toy. If you want the string to be more durable, you can use the line tying technique used in real fishing – the Improved Clinch Knot:

1-2. Wind the end of the cord around the rod, but do not pull.
3. Make 5 spins with the tip of the cord around its main part.
4. Pull the end of the cord back through the first loop on the stick (the one you created in step 1-2).
5. Pull the end of the cord through the large loop (the one that was created in step 4).
6. Pull the end to tighten the knot.
7. Cut the excess string.


Step 3 – Pendant

Attach one of your cat’s favorite toys to the end of the string “string”. Finished! It was pleasant and simple, right?

If you want to change the pendant- just tie a different toy!


Bonus “upcycling” step

If you have an unnecessary bow for your phone / camera at home, you can use it to create a quick system of putting on and taking off the pendants in the rod.

Just attach one part of the carbine to the string “string” and the other attach to the toy:


Self-made toys have something special in them, and they are one of a kind! It depends only on you and your imagination what the final product will look like. More instructions for cat toys can be found in the DIY section of our blog.

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What do You think?

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