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Blog rules and regulations related to copyright and the content published on website.

Apollo Fluffy Cat is a blog about cats and ecology, where you will find information about responsible and eco-friendly cat care, healthy nutrition, proper care and reviews of products for cats and cat parents. The blog is my space on the Internet, so I make every effort to make this space as friendly as possible to everyone.

§1 Definitions

  • Blog – the website of “Apollo Fluffy Cat” operating at
  • Author – the author and administrator of the blog is Joanna Szwagierczak from Warsaw, Poland.
  • Reader – a person using the Blog (that’s You).
  • Blog Rules– a subpage of the Blog containing rules and regulations related to copyright and the content published on the Blog.

§2 Copyright Notice

All texts, graphics, photos, audio and video files and other materials published on the Blog are copyrighted, are the property of the Author and may not be copied, modified or distributed without the written consent of the Author, unless the content of the article states otherwise.

If you want to quote an article or place somewhere a photo, graphics or other materials published on the Blog, first contact the author of this blog and get permission! > Contakt.

Photos and graphics that are copyrighted by third parties are appropriately described at the end of the article in which they appear (these are illustrations in book reviews and photos of my interlocutors in interviews).

§3 Authenticity and Integrity

All opinions published on the Blog are the author’s point of view on a given topic, and the position results from personal experiences, facts, research and observations. The author writes reviews only about products that:

  • tried and analyzed and is sure of their composition,
  • she saw and analyzed, but due to the composition that could have a negative impact on the cat’s health, she decided not to try it in practice.

Not all reviews are positive because the author does not recommend products that may have a negative impact on the cat’s health.

§4 Transparency in Testing and Collaborations

Author usually purchases products for testing with her own money, but sometimes Author may collaborate with a company, artist, or shop and accept free or reduced-price products. This does not affect the integrity of the reviews, which are based on real experiences (as stated above in §3 Authenticity and Integrity). Author is dedicated to giving Readers honest and unbiased insights, highlighting both positive aspects and areas for improvement. Just to be clear, Author don’t run my blog to make money and never charge for reviews.

§5 Affiliate Links Disclosure

Some articles on this Blog may contain affiliate links. It means that if Reader click on the links and make purchases, Blog will get paid by shop a very small percentage of the sale price at no additional cost to Reader. This doesn’t affect the price Reader pay for items or your consumer rights, such as the right to return items. This taxed income is fully used to cover Blog costs, such as website hosting fees and necessary licenses.

§6 External Links Disclosure

Blog might occasionally feature links that lead to external websites. Author holds no responsibility for the content that lies beyond the confines of this Blog. While Author strives to provide reliable and useful information, the material found on external sites is beyond her control.

§7 Guidelines for Comments

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but it must be communicated in a cultural way. The Author reserves the right to delete or moderate comments if the comment:

  • is offensive,
  • is unrelated to the topic,
  • is an advertisement,
  • contains a misleading link.

If the content on the Blog turns out to be helpful, or you have any questions, I encourage you to add comments under the posts. For you, it is less than a minute, and for me it is a sign that what I am doing makes sense.

§8 Privacy Policy

Details of personal data management by the Blog are available on the Privacy Policy page:

§9 Reservations for Logos and Trademarks

All logos and trademarks of third parties mentioned on the Blog are the trademarks and logos of their respective owners. The visibility of trademarks or logos does not imply endorsement or sponsorship of the Blog by those third parties.

§10 Contacting the Author

In case of any doubts related to these Blog Rules, contact the Author by e-mail:

§11 Seeking Expert Advice for Your Pet’s Well-being

Despite active training and participation in many courses for pet dietician, breeders, veterinarians and behaviorists – the Author is not one of them. It is up to the Reader whether he will follow the advice published on the Blog or not. When looking for veterinary help for pets, first of all, you should consult a veterinarian who can order appropriate tests and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

§12 Updates to Blog Regulations

The author reserves the right to amend these Blog Regulations without informing the Readers. The changes made to the Blog Regulations will be published on this subpage of the Blog and come into force upon their publication.

Blog Rules Apollo Fluffy Cat 20.08.2023

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