Review: Zakop i Zapomnij eco cat litter

Review: Zakop i Zapomnij eco cat litter

We are really happy that more and more eco-friendly products appear on Polish market, especially when they are friendly not only for our planet but also for cats! Therefore, when we found an organic and biodegradable litter with a catchy name Zakop i Zapomnij (Bury & Forget) – we could not refuse to try it.

Few words about Zakop i Zapomnij brand

As you might know – we love buing local products, so it’s not hard to guess that Zakop i Zapomnij is a Polish brand. They offer variety of plant-based cat litters, which are biodegradable, cat-friendly and created in the spirit of less waste. You can learn more about the brand on the website:

Cat litter tests and analysis

Zakop i Zapomnij cat litters are available in several size and fragrance variants:

  • Natural wooden litter (5, 20 and 40 liters)
  • Wooden litter green tea (5 liters)
  • Natural corn litter (5, 20 and 40 liters)
  • Pinacolada Corn Litter (5 liters)


On our YouTube channel you can watch a video from unboxing and our first tests of Zakop i Zapomnij litter:


The litter is packed in ecological paper bags instead of plastic – this helps limit the amount of garbage produced by us – this is what I call true care for the environment!

The package

The packaging design is minimal and modern, and at the same time contains all important information about the product.

Litter tests and analysis

As part of the tests, I looked at absorbency, clumping, smell, dusting, home-spreading and capacity properties. I put the cat litter into one litter box, which was used by one cat.

We tested corn and wooden litter in 5 kg bags in the standard unscented version and in the pre-released scented version.

Wooden cat litter Zakop i Zapomnij (green tea scented)

Clumping and absorbency

  • does not clump, but very nicely disintegrates into dry sawdust,
  • absorbs the moisture very well.


  • smells very refreshing
  • eliminates the smell of the litter box really well.

Dusting and spreading

  • does not dust when poured into the litter box
  • it does not spread around the apartment, individual pieces of litter remain on the rug in front of the litter box

5 liters of litter / one cat

  • lasted for 10 days

Corn cat litter Zakop i Zapomnij (odorless and pinacolada scented)

Clumping and absorbency

  • needs more time than clumping clay for clumping,
  • is moderately absorbent (in comparrison to wooden litter).


  • Pinaolada scented corn litter smells very tasty, so tasty that Apollo tried to snack on it at the beginning. It eliminates the smell of the litter box very well.
  • Unscented corn litter is neutral at it initially eliminates the smell very well, but weakens over time.

Dusting and spreading

  • does not dust when poured into the litter box
  • it does not spread around the apartment, individual pieces of litter remain on the rug in front of the litter box

5 liters of litter / one cat

  • lasted for 6 days


Dispose of the cat litter

sposoby utylizacji żwirku dla kotów

Cat litters should be disposed of in accordance with applicable law:
Don’t forget to check out what the law of your country says about this! If you want to know more about ecological and legal methods of utilizing all types of cat litter in Poland, then check out my article:
Eco-friendly ways to dispose of any kind of cat litter.


My opinion about Zakop i zapomnij products

Biodegradable litters will stay in our home for good. We love them not only because of the ecological aspect, but also because they are very easy to use. Our personal favorite is wooden litter, because it is very efficient, absorbent and smell the best. Litters from Zakop i zapomnij are:

  • 100% ecological, natural and biodegradable,
  • eco-friendly and cat friendly,
  • we can support local (Polish) brand,
  • do not dust or spread around the apartment,
  • can be thrown into compost or organic waste bin.


You can find all Zakop i zapomnij products in their store Sklep Zakop i Zapomnij. Currently, they offer unscented wooden and corn litters, but soon scented ones should appear – what we are waiting for.

Changeover to the new cat litter

Apollo used fine-grained and clumping clay litter, so it was not clear whether he would accept bio litter because they are very different in matter of smell, size and texture.

How did we manage to convince him to use the new eco cat litter? We put a second litter box with Zakop i Zapomnij litter next to the current litter box. At the beginning Apollo was using both litter boxes but after few days the old cat litter with was taken away.


What do You think?

I would love to see your thought, suggestions and questions in the comments below!


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