5 Tricks to diversify your cat diet

5 Tricks to diversify your cat diet

With these 5 simple tips, you will diversify your cat’s diet and provide him with the most important nutrients.

Why your cat need food diversity

Do you have your favorite food that you could eat all the time? I could eat pizza! We all know that the mono diet isn’t really healthy for anyone. Cats, just like humans, need diversity in their diet.

A varied diet is essential to keeping your cat healthy! Additionally, cats who are fed the same meat type for long period can develop an alelergy to that meat (especially chicken).

Tip #1 More than one type of meat

The amount of food options available on the market is enormous. You can find several food options that your cat would love.

Does your cat prefer food in the form of pate, minced meat or big pieces? Is your cat a fan of poultry or maybe he prefers fish? You can’t literally ask your cat about it, but you can show him the available options. You can try different types of meat, consistency and preparation methods. Remember to slowly and sequentially introduce new food to your cat!

You shouldn’t change your cat’s diet overnight, because it can cause stomach upset. If you notice any vomiting or diarrhea, put away the new food and visit a veterinarian.

Tip#2 Several types of food in parallel

First, find out what food types your cat loves the most. Second, you can use them almost at the same time: one for breakfast, another for dinner and so on.

Do you usually buy food in large cans and your kitten won’t eat everything at once? To protect the cans from spoilage and drying, you can use silicone can caps.

Tip#3 Raw meat

Raw meat is the base of “natural” diets such as BARF, WHOLE PREY, etc. However, for other nutrition models, you can also use raw meat as a variation to your cat’s diet.

You can serve raw meat as a delicacy. Thanks to this you will find out if your cat will be interested in it at all. Overgrown raw meat helps cats clean their teeth.

Apollo eats raw meat twice a week, as an addition to his wet food – it’s also a good way to get the cat used to eating raw meat.

Tip#4 Salmon oil

Salmon oil has a positive effect on immunity, skin, fur, cardiovascular system and brain. It is a natural source of polyunsaturated fat (both omega-3 and omega-6).

The easiest way to give oil to your cat is to mix it with food. If you have never given oils before, I suggest you start with a very small amount and increase it gradually. For instance, start with half of the dose recommended on the packaging.

Excessive oil consumption by a cat can cause diarrhea!

Tip#5 Egg yolk

Once a week, you can treat your cat with a real vitamin bomb – raw yolk. Cats usually eat yolks without much problem. If your cat doesn’t express much interest then you can mix the yolks with food.

Egg yolk has a positive effect on eyesight, immunity, skin, fur and the condition of the cat’s brain. It is a source of protein, vitamins A, E, D, K and B, beta-carotene, lutein, many minerals and polyunsaturated fat (both omega-3 and omega-6).

How do you diversify your diet cat?


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2 thoughts on “5 Tricks to diversify your cat diet

  1. Hi Joanna

    Do you have any tips for cats who do not like canned foods at all? My cat just likes raw chicken and egg yolk and is not interested in any other kind of meat or canned food. Any tips?

    1. Firstly it is good to try a transition cat food, which are complementary cat food that has meat and sauce in it. Over the course of several days, increase the amount of cat food and reduce the amount of raw chicken. It should be done very very slowly to not hurt cat’s belly. If he starts having diarrhea problem you should go back to the amount from the previous day and then move again. When you convice your cat to eat that canned food without raw chicken then you can start repeating this process with the desitned cat food – the oune you would like to feed him. Complete cat food that I tested can be found in the section Complete Food for Cats

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