How to make a felt 3D cat’s paw bookmark

How to make a felt 3D cat’s paw bookmark

Are You looking for a gift ? idea? How about hand made gift? My idea for a purrfect gift is a bookmark ? in the shape of a cat’s paw, which You can do by yourself!
I have prepared for You a pattern and instructions thanks to which making this felt bookmark is going to be much easier than you think.
Let’s get started!

List of materials

  • A piece of felt in a color of your choice,
  • Needle and thread,
  • Scissors,
  • Five pompoms (one large and four small),
  • Pencil or pen,
  • The template, which you can download below.


Step by step instructions

Step 1

Download a template with a bookmark pattern, print it on paper and cut with scissors.

Cat’s paw bookmark – Free pattern.pdf

The pattern was obviously inspired by Apollo’s paws ❤


Step 2

Have you already chosen the felt color? Cool! Now take the cut out paw and out draw the pattern on the felt (you can use a pencil for this).


Then, following the contour, cut the felt paw with scissors.


Step 3

Take the largest pompom. Cut its sides at an angle to make a slightly rounded triangle, as shown in the picture.


Step 4

Now place the pom poms on the felt so that they form a cat’s jelly beans.


Thread the needle and sew on the pompoms.


Ready! It was very easy and fast project, right?

Handmade gifts are the most enjoyable because they show the recipient that someone is very special to us and we really care. In addition, no cat-lover will be ashamed of such a charming bookmark!

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