Review: Kitty wooden cat litter

Last Christmas I visited with my family and I buyed a cheap Kitty wooden cat litter from local shop Biedronka. Will the Kitty wooden cat litter meet the challenge? You will find the answer to this question in the review.

Few words about Kitty brand

Kitty is a private label of the Biedronka stores, which offers products for pets. Although the Biedronka stores belongs to the Portuguese company Jerónimo Martins, the Kitty wooden cat litter is produced in Poland.

Cat litter tests and analysis

First impression

Kitty universal wooden litter is a natural pellet made of pine-spruce fibers. Litter is non-clumping, so it will soak up urine, but no lumps will form. (You can read more about non-clumping litter in my article How to choose a cat litter.)

It costs around 9 PLN (2 Euro) for a 5-liter package, but you can often find a promotion and buy ir for less.


Kitty is packed in paper bags, so you can reduce the amount of waste produced in your household. The manufacturer ensures that the litter is fully biodegradable . (You can read about the biodegradability of litter in my article Eco-friendly ways to dispose any kind of cat litter.)


Kitty cat litter is a coarse-grained pellet. This kind of litter should work for long-haired cats and I don’t expect too much dust and spread around the apartment. Well, enough of this reading. It’s time to go to the tests and check if I was right!

Dispose of the cat litter

The manufacturer did not provide information about the suggested method of disposal on the packaging.

sposoby utylizacji żwirku dla kotów

Cat litters should be disposed of in accordance with applicable law:
Don’t forget to check out what the law of your country says about this! If you want to know more about ecological and legal methods of utilizing all types of cat litter in Poland, then check out my article:
Eco-friendly ways to dispose of any kind of cat litter.

Kitty litter test results

As part of the tests, I looked at absorbency, clumping, smell, dusting, home-spreading and capacity properties. I put the cat litter into one litter box, which was used by one cat.

The litter is non-clumping, so the caking quality was not included in the litter tests 😉


  • absorbs moisture very well


  • a clear smell of cut wood, may be too strong for some cats
  • for the first few days it absorbed the bad smells in the litter box well, but at the end of the week it only seemed to intensify them

Dusting and spreading around the house

  • is dusty when pouring into the litter box and when cleaning
  • it does not spread around the apartment


6 liters per one cat

  • lasted for 8 days

Summary of tests

At first glance, the universal Kitty wooden litter makes a very good impression. It is cheap, made of vegetable ingredients and packed in a paper bag. The spell began to splash when it was first poured into the litter box, because the litter was very dusty.

During the first days of use, the litter was great at absorbing moisture and odors, but after 3 days it began to intensify the smell of urine in the litter box. After day 4, the smell of the litter was getting worse every day, and it is not possible to remove urine, because the litter does not clump, but crumbles into sand.

Another feature of the litter that did not perform well in my tests is its performance. 5 liters of Kitty litter only lasted 8 days.

Litter is cheap and easily available (you can buy it in any Biedronka store), but these are the only positive aspects of this litter.

My opinion about Kitty wooden cat litter

Unfortunately, the litter did not perform well in my tests and I don’t think it works well as a litter for everyday use. It is not a good quality litter, but it is easily available so you can use it as an “emergency” litter when you need wooden litter for a period not longer than 1 week.

My cat’s opinion

The most important opinion about litter is always that of the cat. What does my cat Apollo think about the wooden litter Kitty? At first he was sniffing the litter box and was cautious – which surprised me honestly. Until now, Apollo was very eager to use the litter box when testing plant gravel, and here it took him a while to jump into the litter box. It seems to me that the smell of the litter may have been too intense for him at first.

Have you ever used Kitty Wooden Litter? How has it done for you? Do you want me to test a particular type of litter? Let me know in the comment!


What do You think?

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One thought on “Review: Kitty wooden cat litter

  1. This type of wood pellet litter is best used in the ‘sieve and collect’ type litter trays….the wet sawdust can just be raked into the collection tray (the solids need removing) which probably needs changing every 5-7 days – that way, it will last a whole lot longer! I buy a 30 litre sack to use in my ‘sieve and collect’ system, and, for one cat, it lasts me probably 2 months or more.

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