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Review: Calitti Corn cat litter

Apollo’s cat mission goals to find the best and most eco-friendly cat litter. This time I tested the Calitti CORN litter. Does it meet all cats & human needs? You will find the answer in this review.

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Review: GranataPet DeliCatessen wet cat food

In the search for the perfect feed I came across GranataPet DeliCatessen. This cat food is associated with a fantastic story of a man, his labrador and pomegranate seeds, who created food for animals because he couldn’t find the perfect one on the market. But is GranataPet a true ideal for cats? You will find out in my review!

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Review: Gusto wet cat food

We tested all the flavors of Gussto cat food! The Apollo mission in search of the best (in our opinion) wet cat food is still ongoing, but I have the impression that we are getting closer with each test. How does Gussto karmcat food did in our tests?

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Review: Catz Finefood Classic and Catz Finefood Purrrr wet cat food

Catz Finefood foods are created in accordance with the minimalist philosophy of “less is more”, are “cruelty free” and have a huge selection of flavor variants (even kangaroo!). In this post you will learn my detailed analysis, test results and thoughts on Catz Finefood Classic cat food and Catz Finefood Purrrr monoprotein.

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