Hello Word!

A few words from Apollo:
Hello hoomans from all over the word! Welcome to the launch of my new website and to my first blog post!

You can expect testing and composition analysis of all the tasty food that keep appearing in my life, for example from my Extra Fluffy Unboxing videos. There will be (crash) tests of cool cat gadgets, a bit about the healthy cat diet and much more cat related content. Of course, everything decorated with my fluffy photos!

Small remarks: The blog will be run by my meowmmy Joanna and the posts on the blog will be in English and in Polish (because we live in Poland).

Purrs and kisses,
Apollo “Fluffy” Cat


What do You think?

I would love to see your thought, suggestions and questions in the comments below!


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For you, it is less than a minute, and for me it is a sign that what I am doing makes sense ❤️

Joanna z Apollo Fluffy Cat

I am Joanna and together with my cat Apollo, I create the Apollo Fluffy Cat blog, where I share my experiences and knowledge about cats and ecology so that you can learn how to become a better and more mindful cat parent! You can found more about me, Apollo and our blog's mission on the "About Us" page.

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