Music for pets on Spotify

Music for pets on Spotify

Cats and dogs hear so much more than people, which is why sounds have a huge impact on them. In this post, you will learn how music affects your pet, how to make a Pet Playlist on Spotify, what is the best music for dogs and cats, and many more interesting facts about music for pets.

How music affects your pet?

Calm, not too loud music has a positive effect on both people and pets. Proper music can actually soothe and relax pets. You can turn on music in situations that can cause stress, for example:

  • your pet stays home alone
  • your pet gets used to the new home,
  • a new pet or child appears in the house,
  • another pet or family member dies,
  • to reduce the effects of a noisy environment, e.g. during fireworks bursts on New Year’s Eve.

You have to remember that music should be calm and quiet. Loud sounds have a negative effect on animals and can cause or intensify stress and fear.

Spotify’s Pet Playlist

Spotify is a free music and podcast streaming service that is available on your phone, computer and many other devices.

You can find the „Pet Playlists” tool at It allows you to generate a personalized Spotify list of songs for you and your dog, cat, iguana, bird or hamster.

The playlist is generated based on your listening habits and your pet’s attributes. If you usually listen to loud and lively music, it’s definitely not suitable for pets.

Apollo’s Pet Playlist that was generated for me and my curious and friendly cat Apollo contains 30 songs, including “All Cats Are Gray” by The Cure and “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” from the animation The Aristocats.

How to make a playlist inspired by your pet on Spotify

See our YouTube video with step-by-step instructions on how to create a personalized Spotify playlist for you and your pet.


Calming podcast for pets

Spotify has created the podcast „My Dog’s Favorite Podcast” for pets that stay alone at home. The podcast contains relaxing music, calm human voices and sounds of nature.


Fun fact: there is music composed especially for cats

Professor Charles Snowdon from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and composer David Teie created music ideal for cats. They used rhythms and sounds known to cats (e.g. purring). Their research showed that cats are more “engaged” in listening to this music, than in listening to classical music.

You can find their songs at – where you can listen to free fragments of songs and you can purchase the full version.



Spotify’s Pet Playlist is an interesting and quite funny idea, but it will not always be suitable for your pet. The music that appears on the playlist depends on what music you listen to, so it may turn out that the list includes too loud and noisy songs for a pet – so it was in my case.

Spotify’s podcast „My Dog’s Favorite Podcast” is much better for pets. It contains only calm, subdued and natural sounds that will definitely help your pet relax and calm down.

Based on my experience, I think that the best music for any pet is classical music, sounds of nature (especially singing birds and sounds of rain) and songs intended for meditation.

How does music work on your pet? Did you create a your Pet Playlist on Spotify?

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