Fluffy Interview with Apollo

What kind of cat are you?

” I might be looking like a chubby-faced teddy bear with wonderful happy smile worthy of a Cheshire Cat, but in fact, I am a British Longhair gentleman ?

British Longhair breed is not recognized worldwide and it is commonly referred to as the Highlander, British Longhair Variant, Britannica or even the Lowlander. It is recognized as a separate breed by The International Cat Associaton (TICA), World Cat Federation (WCF) and Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) .”

Where are you from?

“As I said before I am British Longhair, but unfortunately I have never been in the Great Britain.

In fact, I was born in a tiny Polish village near Warsaw on August 8th, 2018 where I spend my early childhood with my birth parents (Gustav & Werona), my siblings and (lot of) aunts. It was all fun but I wanted something for my own.”

“Can you believe I was only one month old?”
“I was so pettit that I fit in one hand.”
“Look at my tiny tail! And my tiny ears and tiny nose!”

“Then I met my hooman furever family and fell in love with them. I currently live with them in a charming apartment in the most forested and quiet district of Warsaw. This is my promised kingdom, the one I was dreaming about and the one I deserved. The kingdom where I began my amazing journey from a pettit fluff ball to a fluffy gentleman.”

“The King of the Seven Rooms – first day in my new apartment.”
“My first unboxing ?”

How did you get your name?

“My name was influenced by two major factors, both related to inspiration, innovation and creativity. The first one is Greek god Apollo ☀️, very versatile deity that is identified with healing, art, muses, inspiration and sun. The second (very obvious) source is the NASA ? space program which inspired many people and proved that we can accomplish great things and the sky is not the limit.

I believe that it doesn’t matter if you are fluffy, round, bald, little or big and the important thing is how you affect people around you. I am an inspiration for my hooman family and also for many of you! Just look at my Art Gallery which is full of your marvelous artworks!”

Do you have any nicknames?

“Yes! As a matter of fact, I have plenty of them! My family and friends are very creative with that. ?

Some of them are really silly, but most of them are more serious epithets that reflect me as a gentleman. Among many nicknames, my favorites are Fluffin, Fluffollo, Apolloosaurus Rex, Apollozilla, Sir Apollo Fluffington and Mr. Fluff.”

Usually, they just call me: His Fluffness Apollo Purrrince of Cheshire, the First of His Name, The King of the Seven Rooms, Khal of the Couch, Great Hunter of Flies, Empurror of Cuddling and First Gentleman of the Fluff.

Ok, I’m kidding with that last one, but I really think they should start calling me like that ?”

What is your favorite toy?

“I loooove boxes!”

“I am a huge enthusiast of boxes! I love unboxing subscription boxes for cats, testing treats and sitting in boxes. Every size and kind of boxes. I love boxes… did I mention that already? Well maybe because I really, really love boxes!”

“Boxes are my “toys” number one and my second favorite toy is Mr. Octopus. I got him in my first subscription box and I play with him every day since then.

Plus, I love playing with everything that moves, roll or has feathers.“

What is your personality like?

“I love chilling with my hoomans.”

“I’m just a very sweet and fluffy cat. Very cute guy, a real gentleman who has a huge passion for boxes. I like to sleep a lot and eat tasty things. I take food as one of my hobbies so feel free to call me a foodie. I am watching the world with amusement in my big round eyes and I am always smiling like a Cheshire Cat.”

“I am a very calm and well-behaved cat. I am not messing with anything that I am not supposed to. Hmmm, maybe I have one weak spot. Sometimes I act mad and chase around from room to room jumping on everything on my way, but I promise that this is the only exception in my good behavior!

I am a bit shy and I am afraid of loud sounds and new people. Once I get to know you better, I would give you a lot of my fluffy hugs.

I am rather a quiet cat unless my pawrents start talking to me – then I am more than happy to meow to them. I love my hoomans and I always want to be where they are. I am shadowing them from room to room and supervising their everyday activities. I love cuddling, petting, chin rubs, tummy rubs, back rubs, feet massages and even sometimes I want to be carried around on hands like a baby. So you can say I am a really affectionate cat. “

Are you a foodie? What is your favorite food?

“I love trying new flavors of food and treats. There is a lot of tasty food on my plates all the time. I also eat high-quality wet food for cats and freeze-dried meat treats.”

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