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Review: Dolina Noteci Premium

Are you curious what Polish producers of wet cat food have to offer? One of the most popular Polish procuder is Dolina Noteci. Is it really that good? In this post, you’ll learn about my detailed analysis, test results, and thoughts on Dolina Noteci Premium wet cat food in cans and sachets.

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How to choose a cat litter?

In this post you will learn about the pros and cons of difrent types of cat litters, which litter does not dust and spread, which litter is the most absorbent and what else you will need besides the cat litter and the litter box.

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Review: Zakop i Zapomnij eco cat litter

We are really happy that more and more eco-friendly products appear on Polish market, especially when they are friendly not only for our planet but also for cats! Therefore, when we found an organic and biodegradable litter with a catchy…

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